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Ask Alex

Ask AlexWith over an amazing 50 years experience as a Master Butcher, Alex Mitchell certainly knows a thing or two about the meat industry.

The 'Ask Alex' section is here so that Alex can directly answer some of your questions. He will provide you with information and instructions relating to a variety of issues, including food hygiene and cooking instructions.

Find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at and ask Alex your question.

List of questions

1. 'Alex, how should I cook my Scotch Beef steaks?'

2. 'Alex, how do I cook the perfect roast?'

3. 'Alex, what are your top ten tips for meat preparation and food safety?'

4. 'Alex, is it Lorne or Square Slice?'


1. Question:- '
Alex, how should I cook my Scotch Beef steaks?'


Check out the 'Cooked To Perfection' and 'Your Guide To' information available in our Downloads section for some excellent information about how to cook the perfect Scotch Beef steak. 

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2. Question:-
'Alex, how do I cook the perfect roast?'


Again, there is some great advice in the 'Cooked to Perfection' and 'Your Guide To' information available in our Downloads section. There, you will find
some excellent information about how to cook the perfect Roast.

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Question:- 'Alex, what are your top ten tips for meat preparation and food safety?'


1) Put away chilled and frozen food in a fridge or freezer as soon as you can, especially during warm weather.

2) Prepare and store raw and cooked food separately. Keep raw or uncooked food, especially meat, at the bottom of your fridge in a covered container.

3) Keep the coldest part of your fridge at 0-4C. Check using a fridge thermometer.

4) Keep pets away from food, dishes and worktops.

5) Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, after going to the toilet, after handling pets and in between handling raw and cooked foods.

6) Keep the kitchen clean. Wash worktops and utensils between handling food which is to be cooked and food that's not going to be cooked.

7) Defrost frozen food thoroughly before cooking. Place it on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

8) Make sure food is fully cooked. If you reheat food, make sure it's piping hot. Only reheat once. Use a food thermometer.

9) Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Don't leave it standing around.

10) Buy your meat from a Craft Butcher like Alex Mitchell Butchers, where hygiene and food safety are paramount.

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4. 'Alex, is it Lorne or Square Slice?'


We asked that same question on the Alex Mitchell Online Butchers Facebook page and on Twitter. There was a mixed response. Some say 'Lorne', some say 'Square Slice', whilst others say 'Sliced Sausage'. They're actually all correct because it's the same thing.

Sliced Sausage, which is also often known as Square Sausage, Square Slice or Lorne Sausage is a delicacy most often enjoyed in Scotland. It can be made with pork, beef, or a mixture of the two and is moulded into a square then sliced into pieces generally about 3 inches (8 cm) square by about half-an-inch (1 cm) thick. It can also be sold in a block as a Whole Lorne. We at Alex Mitchell Online Butchers make a variety of Lorne Sausages, including a range of savoury flavours such as Irish Lorne (made with Spring Onion), Tomato Lorne, Black Pudding Lorne and Haggis Lorne.

The sausage is actually known as a variety of names throughout Scotland depending on region. The names Sliced Sausage, Slice, or simply Sausage are used on the West Coast and around Glasgow. Lorne Sausage appears to be the default name in the North of Scotland.
In the Highlands it is also known as Square Sausage or simply Square. On the East Coast, Lorne, Square Sausage, Square Sliced Sausage and Square Slice are popular terms.

It is rumoured that the Lorne Sausage was an invention of the Scottish comedian Tommy Lorne, who was born in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow in 1890 and died in 1935.

So, it is referred to by various names depending on regionality within Scotland, however, what
everybody does agree on is that the Alex Mitchell Butchers Lorne, Square Slice, Sliced Sausage (whatever you call it) is absolutely delicious anyway!

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