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After I log in, then what do I do?

After you log in, then look at the right hand side of the screen and select your required delivery slot from the drop down menu. The available slots for your selected address will be displayed. Please note that there are different methods of delivery depending on your chosen delivery address and day. We have made it possible for you to choose from multiple addresses that you can set up elsewhere in your account admin area. 
I can not book a slot?  It says 'sold out'. Why do I have to wait a week or so before I can have my order delivered?
Our website allows customers to book up to 5 weeks in advance.  We do have a lot of our customers who use this facility. 

In addition to this, our slots can be 'sold out' much quicker depending on the weather for BBQ's and seasonal times of the year, especially at Easter and Christmas time. 

For Christmas delivery local and national Slots, they are switched on every year on 31st October at 8am for 6 weekends. These slots fill up very fast both locally and national.  These slots are made available until the first Saturday in December. However, the slots can be sold out before then.
What happens if I am not in when my order is delivered locally?
If you have been delayed, then please contact us on 01592 771457 to make an alternative arrangement with our driver. We will endeavour to return to you still within the original agreed slot. If we have to come back another day, then we may have to charge another delivery fee.

Can my order be left in my garage / shed / front porch etc for me?
We would prefer that someone was in to sign for your order since your order contains fresh produce. We require a customer signature as acceptance of the order.  However, if you have decided you have somewhere you would class as a 'safe place', we would pas this on to the courier then Alex Mitchell Butchers accepts no liability. 

You can also request for your order to be delivered to a neighbour or your can leave a note on your door to advise the driver if you have had to leave your house unexpectedly.

If you are not in when we deliver within the agreed time slot, please refer to the question above.

How will my order be delivered?
Depending on where your delivery is to be sent to, your order will either be delivered by us in our  refrigerated Mercedes Vito van, or by national courier. If your order is delivered by us, you will be provided with a printout showing the temperature of the vehicle's fridge at the time your order is delivered to you.
Can I order online for self-collection?
Yes. If you order online for self-collection, then bring along a copy of your order to the shop when you come to collect your order. You will still need to wait in the shop queue, though!
What if I live outside the current 'local' delivery network?
We are constantly reviewing our local delivery network and it can be modified to ensure that we are fulfilling customer demand.
How will my meat be packed?
As standard and for your convenience, your meat will be packed in freezer bags and / or silver foil dishes ready for you to put in your freezer if you require. If your order is being dispatched using a national courier, your order will be carefully packed in an insulated box along with long-lasting icepacks.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order using a debit or credit card, or by selecting the Save & Spend option if you are a member of our Save & Spend. You may also redeem an 'online' gift certificate. Please note that the 'online' gift certificate is different to a paper gift certificate for use in our shop.

If you have chosen to withdraw funds from your Save & Spend account to pay for your order, we will check your balance in our records to check there are sufficient funds to cover the order. If there is not enough in your account to cover the order, we will contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment for the balance.

As your order is only preauthorised, and final payment is taken after delivery. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account/card which was used for preauthorisation.   
We do not accept American Express.
I get an email informing me that my payment is deferred, is that normal?
Yes, that is normal. Do not worry. When you place your order, your card is preauthorised for the initial estimated order amount. When your order has been delivered, we process the payment for the final order amount.
How much does delivery cost?
Please read our delivery page to see the details of delivery rates, since they depend on your delivery postcode area and are subject to change in accordance with any special offer we may apply.
What happens if the product I have ordered is sold out?
Our stock control system will prevent items from being displayed in our shop if they are sold out or not available on your chosen delivery date. If there is an unexpected supply problem, we will contact you.
What happens if I have forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Login', then click on 'Forgotten Password'. You will be asked to enter your email address. A new password will be created and sent to you. This is an automatic process, and we do not know what your password is.
Can I change my password?
Yes. Login as normal using your existing email address and password. Under 'Account Options' you can click on 'Edit Account' to edit your details including inserting a new password. Please remember that your password must be 8 characters long. And please ensure that your password is kept private.