Fillet of Beef Chateaubriand

Alex Mitchell
Master Butcher
The Glamis Centre,
Tel: 01592 771457

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Fillet of Beef Chateaubriand
From £25.00
(£50.00 per kg)
(£22.68 per lb)

Fillet of Beef Chateaubriand


Succulent and extremely tender Scotch Beef Chateaubriand for two.
Quite simply amazing taste and value for money.

Product details Weight Price Quantity
Fillet of Beef Chateaubriand 500g

Typically 500g (approx 1lb 2oz)


Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5

Lynn Lewis, Rated: 5


This is my favourite cut of meat, and I had been buying it from Donald Russell online, the Queen's butcher's, which was lovely, but DOUBLE this price. I tried Alex Mitchell's and it tastes every bit as good, and now I can afford to eat it twice as often!

Peter Connell, Rated: 5

Wow! What a tastie joint.

One of my favourite cuts of beef is fillet of Chateaubriand and I recently purchased a two pound joint from Alex which was enough for two people. I prepared the joint by smothering it in olive oil with salt and pepper, rubbing it in well, then sealing it all over before placing it in my slow cooker to cook for six hours.
The results were amazing, when cooked it turned out as a well cooked and tender joint ready to carve and serve up.The taste and texture was amazing and it can be served with a sauce or mustard.

So good I have got another joint on order.

Many thanks to Alex and the team.

Betty C


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