Fillet Steak

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Fillet Steak
From £6.00
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Fillet Steak


Succulent and extremely tender Scotch Beef Fillet Steak naturally reared from the pastures of Aberdeenshire. Lean and tender Scottish Beef, meltingly soft to taste.

Best cooked in a very hot frying pan with a little oil, salt and pepper. Dress it up with a sauce or simply serve with mustard, chips or roasted rooted vegetables.

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Product details Weight Price Quantity
Fillet Steak 120g Small Pack of 1

Typically 120g (approx 5oz)

Fillet Steak 120g Small Pack of 2

Typically 240g (approx 10oz)

Fillet Steak 170g Med Pack of 1

Typically 170g (approx 6oz)

Fillet Steak 170g Med Pack of 2

Typically 340g (approx 12oz)

Fillet Steak 225g Large Pack of 1

Typically 225g (approx 8oz)

Fillet Steak 225g Large Pack of 2

Typically 450g (approx 1lb)

Fillet Steak 285g XLrge Pack of 1

Typically 285g (approx 10oz)

Fillet Steak 285g XLrge Pack of 2

Typically 570g (approx 1lb 4oz)


Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5

Leslie Fielding, Rated: 5

Les fielding

Just purfect melts in your mouth

John Lambert, Rated: 5

Beef Fillet

Fantastic cut of fillet, like to have the fillet whole to roll in cling film and wrap up like a cylinder, to sit in the fridge overnight. To cook this simple and maintain the natural flavours, heat a griddle pan on the hob, take the fillet out of the fridge, leave it in the cling film and cut equal thickness steaks,(1 and half inches thick) you do really need a very sharp knife to cut neatly, you will now have perfect medallions. In a tray, place in sunflower oil, as this does not burn at high temperature, sprinkle in some good quality sea salt flakes, Maldon Salt is by far the best for this, then add a small amount of cracked black pepper. Remove the cling film from the steaks and then roll the steaks in the tray untill completely covered with the mix. Your griddle pan should now be very hot, it must be hot, do not put any oils in the pan, the coating on the steaks is ample. Place the steaks in the pan and do not be tempted to shift them around the pan, watch the colour change at the bottom of the steaks, as they start to caramelise, this will take around 2-3 minutes, still leaving the base of the steaks cooking, turn them on thier base and leave for another 2-3 minutes, turn the steaks over and repeat the cooking process, when the steak is turned you will have the classic, criss cross look for great presentation. When the steaks are cooked, place them on to a preheated baking sheet tray and allow them to "rest", this allows the beef to relax, if you serve this right away, you will end up with a substantial amount of blood when the steaks are cut, this visual effect will put many people off steaks. Now your steaks have rested for about 10 minutes, they will still be very warm and ready to serve, the natural meat juices released when resting, can be simply spooned on to your steaks for added flavour. For this dish, the Peppered Steak Sauce, which is sold in the shop, is the perfect partner. Steaks cooked in this manner and around 1 and half inches in thickness, will produce a rare to medium result and will be pink in the middle, but will not bleed when cut. Cook for longer periods for medium to well or well done steaks. Yes this cut of beef is a bit more expensive, but for a treat and entertaining it is really hard to beat. Great quality and good value for money.

Keith Mason, Rated: 5

One of the best cuts of steak I have ever had, lean...tasty...value for money!!
Keith, Dunfermline

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